I am Vladas Dobrovolskis.
In 1989, I have graduated from Vilnius School of Photography and since then I am working as a professional photographer. I have been working with several newspapers as photo journalist for many years.. I am one of the founders of the Association "Kaunas Photo club" ("Kauno foto klubas") and "Kaunas Photo Fellowship" ("Kauno foto draugija") leader.

I continue to learning the subtleties of the photography to upgrade the skills. I organizing courses and seminars for the photographers. At the moment I take pictures of family celebrations as well as various events.. I am photography teacher in the "Kaunas IT school" (KITM.lt).
I also spend my leisure time with the camera - I take pictures of situations that attract my attention. I take shots of art photography as well.

I invite you to subscribe to a personal or family photo session, and to learn to take the photos and improve them.